Educause 2014 Day 2 PM

Session 1 MavCLASS


I was drawn to this session as it’s linked in with Purdue and is supported by Gates foundation, not to mention the abstract.

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The first session I’ve attended that is using a Gdoc to support.

‘Course Analytics’ providing individualised information about learners course assessments and activities to help them learn. Provides an example of a 500 seat course and presented the assessment regime. By providing students with increased instances of personalised feedback those struggling would seek more help resulting in better knowledge gain, performance and satisfaction.
Used learner assessment data to provide targeted feedback suggesting learning pathways for a human. This forms the Maverick comprehensive learning analytics support service (MavClass). Itegrates across Desire2Learn etc and provides insights to GAs as clickable RAG status giving insight into behaviours.

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KEY LEARNING POINTS; Providing students with RAG status based on assessments can trigger them to reach out for help. It’s not effective for all though. Significant knowledge gains were noted for those seeking help. Meaningful learner analytics requires early meaningful assessment. Know the data story you want to find, but let the data tell it and be accepting of the insights gained.

Session 2 Building a foundation for campus wide business intelligence – two perspectives

Heath Tuttle Director of Learning, emerging technologies and analytics University of Nebraska
CIO Gonzaga University


Realtime transitional data is a new way of thinking for HE and there’s more demand for it to, for example;

Provide information to grow enrolment and increase retention
provide a world class learning experience
Provide needed technologies

The information to answer these was available but scattered in different silos, by different stewards.

Existing data sources; Peoplesoft (student data, room, class, timetabling, room capacity), Conquest RMS (manages and monitors equipment and rooms) Purchase request system (home grown purchase/accounting system)

KEY LEARNING; Conquest RMS allows monitoring of equipment usage hence allows retirement and maintenance decisions for efficiency gains (200 gourds left on an projector lamp, lack of use of a BlueRay player etc). Connecting data silos revealed errors in the data. IT are delighted to gather student retention and registration data and providing it to relevant people. They have no sway in how it is used. So good at providing the insights, not interested in actioning them.

Gonzaga University
Used the MS BI Stack and BB analytics for insights. Being in charge of a BI / Analytics / Decision making service is like being a parent, the responsibility never ends. Nice diagram here of the process (BI and Analytics, not parenting);

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The killer analytics app – identify those students likely to gain the highest salaries and target them early for alumni relations and benefaction!
Need for a ‘translator’ someone who can talk registrar / HR / role XXX then translate to geek for developers. Nice idea.

A few of the data silos at Gonzaga University – Ouch!

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I’m out of power. In the words of Bugs Bunny. That’s all folks…..

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